Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DVD Tuesday!

Were all about movies and this week is awesome!  So many good titles out today.  Here are the picks you might to add to your current collection.

Language: English
Genre: Drama
MPAA rating: PG-13
Director: John Lee Hancock
Actors: Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell, Emma Thompson
Plot: Author P.L. Travers leaves London for the bright lights of Hollywood as Walt Disney adapts her novel, Mary Poppins, to the big screen... despite her misgivings.

Language: English
Genre: Animation/Adventure
MPAA rating: PG
Director: Chris Buck
Actors: Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel
Plot: The kingdom of Arendelle are under a constant eternal winter due to the icy powers of Elsa. But that doesn't deter her sister, Anna, from trying to break the spell. Facing daunting conditions, mystical trolls and one wacky snowman, she will team up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (and his reindeer Sven) in order to save her kingdom.
Language: English
Genre: Crime/Drama
MPAA rating: NR
Director: Trevor White
Actors: Spencer Lofranco, Mary-Louise Parker, James Woods
Plot: Raised on the streets, gang member James Burns eventually finds himself in the maximum security prison in Denver. But there, he forms a relationship with a convicted murderer - a man who gives him hope and the possibility for a better future.
Language: English
Genre: Drama/Historical
MPAA rating: R
Director: David O. Russell
Actors: Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence
Plot: A con artist and his partner are forced into an alliance with a federal agent where they work against people just like them - all in a bid to bring down the corrupt, volatile mayor of Camden, New Jersey.

Language: English
Genre: Crime/Thriller
MPAA rating: R
Director: Peter Howitt
Actors: Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper, Erin Karpluk
Plot: An up-and-coming DA kills a man in a hit-and-run accident, but another man, found with the body, is charged with the crime. But he finds himself at part of the trial and helps free the man by throwing the trial... only to find his life unraveling when the man reveals a secret that could destroy him.