Wednesday, February 21, 2018

DC Comic Book News | Shake Up

The writers of both Supergirl and Super Sons have confirmed that those ongoing DC Comics titles are ending, with additional ongoings Titans, Teen Titans, Harley Quinn, and Justice League of America in question due to their unexplained absence from DC Comics' May 2018 solicitations. Batgirl & Birds of Prey was announced upfront as ending in those solicitations, while Bombshells United's ending was confirmed Tuesday.

"Wow! The love and sadness for Super Sons being cancelled is knocking me out!" Super Sons writer Peter J. Tomasi tweeted. "So, before too much time passes let me be the first to tell you that I’m not done with our two favorite boys and new news will be forthcoming soon!"

"It is not being cancelled for bad sales. There are plans afoot I can't share at this early juncture but you will be happy with the results - Super Sons lives!" Tomasi continued. "But hey now! Remember, keep your love for the last few issues of Super Sons going, lots of fun to be had with some emotional tugs waiting around the corner, and it shows that you continue to support the book/characters as we prep the new stuff coming yer way!"

Meanwhile, DC's Supergirl was absent from DC's May 2018 solicitations, with series writer Steve Orlando explaining that April's #20 would be its series finale.

"While the story that began in Supergirl: Rebirth concludes in #20, I couldn't be more grateful for what we've accomplished in #Supergirl," Orlando tweeted. "Wherever Kara goes next will be amazing! Thank you all for your incredible support, for this singular run, and to my co-creators and editors!"

Supergirl's ending in April coincides with the previously-announced finale of Trinity. This effectively ends all the current Superman-related titles in DC's comics line ahead of Brian Michael Bendis' planned relaunch in the summer of Action Comics and Superman. This line-wide reset follows DC's decision in November 2017 to terminate the longstanding Superman editor Eddie Berganza.

As for some of the other missing titles, Justice League: No Justice co-writer Scott Snyder tweeted that that weekly May series would be "rolling in" Justice League, Justice League of America, Teen Titans, and Titans.

Given that DC has already confirmed that Justice League would return with a new creative team after No Justice, the three others - JLA, Teen Titans, and Titans - may return as well, under the realm of "new versions of existing books." The absence of Harley Quinn from DC's May 2018 solicitations has not been addressed by DC or any of its creators publicly.