Thursday, February 22, 2018

Talkin Comics | DC Comics Top 10

Greetings comic book fans.

Today we are going to discuss the top 10 comic books that you would like to read.  I've always loved DC Comics I've been a fan of Batman and Superman for a very long time with Superman being the very first comic book I ever picked up as a child.

I remember my grandma giving me $1.25 to pick up my very first comic book at a local a hobby shop store in Corvallis, Oregon. Which I was really grateful to pick up. That's right if you remember, comic books costed no more than $1.25 boy, you are a lucky kid back then.

Man how the times have changed and today we're paying a lot more for comic books but that's totally besides the point today today were talking about the top 10 college books that you want to pick up coming soon from DC Comics.

Obviously the number one comic book you want to pick up is....

1. Action Comics #1000 $7.99
2. Damage #4 $3.99
3. Aquaman #35 $3.99
4. Batman #45 $2.99
5. Batman: White Knight #7 $3.99
6. Deathstroke #30 $3.99
7. Super Sons #15 $3.99
8. Wonder Woman #45 $2.99
9. Teen Titans #19 $3.99
10. Superman #45 $2.99

And there you go that's my top 10 comic book preview of comics from DC that you might like to pick up. It's safe to say these comic book titles won't be cancelled but then again you never know, right?

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