Sunday, February 18, 2018

Top 3 Comicx 2 Read

Hey Comic Book fans,

If you love anime comic, then checkout the Top 3 Yen Press to read!

Taboo Tattoo GN Vol 09 $13.00 Yen Press
This is what you call some serious ink! The long-awaited battle between Seiji and Princess Aryabhata begins in the Grand Canyon! Will Seigi be able to control his emotions, or will his hatred get the best of him?

Gabriel Dropout GN Vol 02 $13.00 Yen Press

This fallen angel's grades keep falling in a comedy manga off the heels of the anime simulcast! Gabriel's lazy adventures in the human world continue as she gets roped into going to the beach!

Oh My Sweet Alien GN Vol 01 $20.00 Yen Press
Nobuo is an ordinary salaryman with a dark secret-his wife is an alien! Despite her tentacle hair and tendency to shoot beams from her eyes, he wouldn't trade her for anything. Love knows no bounds in this extraterrestrial romantic comedy!