Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Comic Book Fast Look for 03/28/2018 (2 Weeks Out)

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

Oh man, Spring is here! And today we're taking a look at what's coming soon to comic book stores near you. This is Comic Book Fast Look for 03/28/2018 (2 Weeks Out). Enjoy!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 $4.99 Boom! Studios
Drakkon returns and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will never be the same. The 'SHATTERED GRID' event begins here!

Cyber Force #1 $3.99 Image Comics
TO PROTECT THE FUTURE, WHAT WILL WE BECOME? The classic series returns in a reimagining overseen by creator MARC SILVESTRI. In a modern world where humanity is defined by the technology it creates, a terrorist strikes at the heart of human progress. One of the few survivors of the attack is a man named Morgan Stryker. Mortally wounded, Stryker's life is saved by his employers...but the price could be his humanity itself.

Buffy Season Eleven: Giles #2 $3.99 Dark Horse Comics
High school life is a rough go for Rupert Giles­­-as if being a grown man living inside a teenage body wasn't hard enough. Crushing on each other, Giles and his mysterious new friend, Roux, navigate around the bullies in the hallways while they investigate the school-wide threat and missing staff and students--which they are certain is connected to some kind of demon . . .

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #80 $3.99 IDW Publishing
'Invasion of the Triceratons,' Part 5 of 5. Lines have been crossed, and New York teeters on the brink of complete destruction! When the times comes, will the Turtles be able to defeat the enemy they dread to fight? The devastating final chapter in the blockbuster 'Invasion of the Triceratons' story arc!

Dark Nights Metal #6 (of 6) $4.99 DC Comics
All roads lead...to darkness. In the devastating and epic conclusion to DC's cataclysmic event series, heroes from across the universe make their final charge into the unknown to battle the forces of the Dark Multiverse! Space and time, dreams and nightmares, all will collide - and what is left at the end will leave the DC Universe irrevocably changed!