Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday's Headlines - Marvel Movie News

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige sees "a lot of potential" in the characters and world of Wakanda introduced in Black Panther - enough to confirm a sequel is in development in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"Nothing specific to reveal, other than to say we absolutely will do that," Feige said when asked of a Black Panther sequel. "One of the favorite pastimes at Marvel Studios is sitting around on a Part One and talking and dreaming about what we would do in a Part Two. There have been plenty of those conversations as we were putting together the first Black Panther. We have ideas and a pretty solid direction on where we want to head with the second one."

But Feige didn't stop at the idea of a sequel. Though he says nothing is in development yet, he did confirm that Marvel has its eye on possible Wakanda-based spin-off films.

"I think there’s lots of potential," Feige confessed. "It’s a balance between leaving people wanting more and then giving them too much, but I would watch a movie about any of those characters you just named. I think Shuri’s astounding, and you’ll see much more of her in our universe. Okoye, I think I’d watch three action films just Okoye. I’m not saying we’re doing that, but I’m saying that we’re intrigued by them. Frankly, as I’ve said before, finishing these first 22 movies is really all we’re thinking about at this point."

What's more, beyond the characters we already know from Black Panther, Feige says the studio is even looking to the Marvel Universe's past for possible inspiration.

"We would talk about the ancestral plane sequence [in Black Panther] where, towards the end of the movie, T’Challa takes the herb again and encounters his father," Feige explained. "Where he’s like, 'Hey, man. We’ve kind of screwed up, and I want to change it.' There’s that moment where all of the ancestors come behind T’Chaka. We would joke and go, 'I want to see … what’s their story? What’s that story? Who was Bashenga, the first king of Wakanda? Who’s that third to the left, behind T’Chaka? What was their story in Wakanda in 1938? That would be cool.' It all starts as conversations like that. The more audiences want to see these stories, the more opportunities we have to explore different places and time."  No date for a Black Panther sequel has been confirmed.