Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Talkin Comics | Marvel Top 15 Preview

Welcome comic book fans,

Today we're going to talk about upcoming previews for Marvel for May 2018. What comic books you might like to read coming to a comic book near you. As we all know marvel is going to be changed their lineups with new artist and new writers. Again they will be remembering issues which is frustrating for loyal, book fans to stay with one title or more. 

Honestly here's what I'm really hoping for Marvel fans. You get to enjoy, book that you love to read, follow the comic book characters that you like from Spider-Man Captain America and the X-Men.

Here is our top 15 comic books you might want like to pick up for May.

1. Avengers #1

2. Black Panther #1

3. Venom #1

4. Amazing Spider-Man #800

5. The Invincible Iron Man #600

6. Captain America #701

7. Quicksilver: No Surrender #1

8. Spider-Man #240

9. Doctor Strange #390

10. X-Men: Red Annual #1

11. X-Men: Wedding Special #1

12. Star Wars annual #4

13. Infinity countdown: Captain Marvel #1

14. Hunt for Wolverine: weapon lost #1

15. The Incredible Hulk #716

Well, there you go here is our top 15 list of comic books that you might like to read the month of May wants new releases come out.

Yes, I know I didn't mention everything that's not the whole point of the countdown's that we do but we want to touch on the little things that's going to matter for you guys being key issues that you would like collect.

Like to thank everyone for being our countdown this week and if you have any thoughts or questions please email us or join us on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a great day today!