Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday's Headlines - New Jersey Comic Expo "Cancelled"

Change of plans Comic Books in New Jersey! As it being reported the New Jersey Comic Expo planned for June 8 and 9 has been cancelled by con organizers MAD Event Management. The conventioneer said it is postponed, but are refunding all vendors and pre-registered attendees and have no alternate dates set.

MAD itself has given no reason for the abrupt cancellation, however in an article announcing the promotion of the company's sales director Kris Longo to become managing director, The Beat mentions that the convention is "getting a reboot" as part of the Longo's promotion.

MAD was promoting the June New Jersey Comic Expo on social media up until last week. Originally launched in 2015, the New Jersey Comic Expo traditionally ran in the month of November, but following the 2017 event organizers announced the now-cancelled June 8 and 9 dates.

Come to Oregon in Sept for the Rose City Comic-con!