Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday's Headlines - MARVEL CCO Tells BENDIS 'Thanks For Everything'

Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada has posted a public goodbye letter to Brian Michael Bendis on Facebook ahead of next week's Iron Man #600, which will be the writer's last Marvel work for some time due to a recent DC exclusive agreement.

Here is Quesada's letter, reprinted in full:

Wednesday marks a historic day in the world of comics. Not only does the newest issue of Iron Man commemorates 600 issues of ol’ Shell Head, more importantly it celebrates the incredible eighteen plus year career of Brian Michael Bendis at Marvel.

Yes, this is his finally Marvel Comics story for the foreseeable future and while it would be very easy for me feel sad today, instead what I feel is an incredible sense of awe and pride. For nearly two decades Brian has given Marvel fans his heart, blood and soul and that’s manifested itself in some of the greatest Marvel stories told of this generation.

This of course isn’t the end for Brian as he moves on from us to our distinguished competition, but it does mark the end of an amazing era. That's why I’d like to ask all of you within the sound of my social footprint, whether you buy Iron Man #600 or not (PLEASE buy Iron Man #600), if you were ever entertained, touched or inspired by any of Brian’s stories, to send a message of thanks his way.

As for me, I’ll leave it at this: putting aside all the great stories, battling together in the trenches or that he made me I look like a much better Editor In Chief than I ever really was, I will always cherish of friendship and how much we accomplished in that time. Thanks for everything Brian from myself, everyone at Marvel and True Believers everywhere!

Love ya brutha!