Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday's Headlines - Justice League News

Good Morning DC Fans,

Most fans of the Flash know the Scarlet Speedster is powered by the Speed Force, but what fans (and Barry Allen himself) don't know, is that it has an opposite - the Still Force, an cosmic force powered by entropy.

A brand new concept, the Still Force will be introduced in writer Scott Snyder's upcoming Justice League run.

"The Still Force is an energy in the universe that's trying to slow everything down entropically, trying to stop everything, trying to bring everything to a standstill," Snyder explained to Den of Geek. "And it has its own characters, it has its own figures that are connected to it who might not even know they are. And it's a complete enigma to Barry at this point .One of Barry's greatest villains, Gorilla Grodd, might have a leg up on him when it comes to figuring out how to control this thing."

"The idea, really, is to show that these characters think they know their powers, think they know their mythologies, think they know even sometimes their histories and their missions," he continued. "And then to sort of blow those things up."

On that note, the core League won't be the only ones undergoing these kind of revelations. Snyder's Justice League will connect several other spin-off and existing DC teams - including one that has not been revealed yet.

"[The Hall of Justice] has these secret portals in it...which connects you to Justice League Dark, Justice League Odyssey. One other team we haven’t announced yet, as well, but we’ve hinted at already," Snyder told Multiversity. You’ll see characters like Green Arrow come and go from the Hall of Justice. You’ll see Atom, Ryan Choi, working in the med lab in Justice League. You see Vixen in issue one. You see Animal Man in issue one."

Snyder doesn't specify if the team he refers to will be a brand new DC team, or an existing franchise that will connect to the Hall the way the Titans and Teen Titans will.

Justice Society anyone? ( I think not)

Justice League #1 is due out on shelves June 6.