Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday's Headlines - Solo Movie News (Spoilers)

The latest film in the Star Wars franchise is radically different from any other installment yet, but there's one particular aspect that sets it apart. And it has to do with who isn't in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Warning: Minor spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story below.

The lovable droids C-3PO and R2-D2 have been featured in every installment yet, including a cameo in the first spinoff movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But they do not appear in the Han Solo film.

This revelation comes after Mark Hamill himself confirmed Anthony Daniels involvement, with many assuming he meant the actor would reprise his role as the golden protocol droid for the new movie. But Daniels actually plays a surprisingly different character, as revealed by cowriter Jonathan Kasdan.

Kasdan revealed that Daniels' character actually appears in one of the trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, so many fans have likely seen the character already but weren't able to recognize him — because he's a Wookiee.

There's one sequence in the film where Han and Chewbacca run into trouble, and receive some aid from a helpful Wookiee who aids in their escape.

"In the Papillon type offshoot story, the Wookiee that helps them escape, Chewbacca’s best friend, is played by Anthony Daniels – and beckons him to join them as they escape on a different ship," Kasdan revealed to Uproxx.

They go their separate ways, but not before sharing a touching moment that lead us to believe Chewbacca might have a reunion with his family in the new movie. The jury's still out here, but the Wookiee in the particular scene was definitely not his wife.

While this is the first Star Wars movie without an appearance from the two droids, cowriter Lawrence Kasdan was quick to point out that's not the only major deviation in the film.

"There are a lot of things about this movie that are different from all the others," Lawrence said.