Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday's Headlines - Super Sons Back (Kinda)

Did you like read DC's Super Sons?

Well, are sad to learn that the last issue is coming out on Wednesday.  But just wait a minute did you hear the news?  

DC Comics is launching a Adventures of the Super Sons 12-issue maxiseries this August. Announced by DC Entertainment's Director of Publicity Michael Shelling on his personal Twitter account, Adventures of the Super Sons will be written by Peter Tomasi - who wrote the "Rebirth" era Super Sons series that is set to end May 30 with issue #16.

The original Super Sons was confirmed to be cancelled back in February 2018, although Tomasi at the time was quick to point out that "[it] is not being cancelled for bad sales."

"There are plans afoot I can't share at this early juncture but you will be happy with the results - Super Sons lives!" Tomasi said. DC has not yet announced the artist of this relaunched title.