Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday's Headlines - X-Men Comics

One of the variants to June 20’s X-Men: Gold #30 will now come polybagged due to “classified” contents, according to Marvel Comics.

The variant cover is solicited to be drawn by J. Scott Campbell, with no other specified differences between it and the standard version of X-Men: Gold #30. Marvel does warn that orders for this polybagged X-Men: Gold #30 variant could be allocated due to the extra lead time required to polybag the issue.

This could be related to Marvel’s planned X Classified #1 scheduled for July 25. No creators, characters, or description have been given by the publisher – however Campbell is drawing four of the five solicited variant covers.

The publisher has previously connected X Classified #1 to X-Men: Gold, with discounts offered to retailers if they match or exceed orders of X-Men: Gold #25 – the issue in which Colossus and Kitty Pryde are anticipated to marry each other.