Saturday, May 12, 2018

Weekend Headlines - DC UNIVERSE Titles Set to $3.99

DC Comics has confirmed that as of last week all DC Universe ongoing titles - physical and digital - will be priced $3.99. This comes following Newsarama's reporting of individual price increases of Wonder Woman and The Flash, but will also affect the previously $2.99 Batman, Suicide Squad, Detective Comics, Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps, Harley Quinn, and Injustice.

Superman and Action Comics, two other previous $2.99 titles, were already solicited at $3.99 in July.

These were the last remaining $2.99 ongoing titles from the "Rebirth" relaunch in 2016. In January 2017, DC increased the price of several of its ongoing titles but kept twice-monthly shipping titles at $2.99. Up until now, some $3.99 physical DC titles were sold for $2.99 digitally.

Neither DC's "New Age of DC Heroes" or its kids titles will be affected by the increase for now. The 'New Age of DC Heroes' titles - Curse of Brimstone, Damage, Immortal Men, New Challengers, Sideways, Silencer, The Terrifics, and The Unexpected - remains at $2.99, following significant promotion for that line at the $2.99 price point and without variants.

Last week, DC dropped complimentary digital codes previously included in all physical titles priced at $3.99.