Sunday, May 20, 2018

Weekend Headlines - Image News

Heard the news Image fans?!!!

Mark Millar and Image Comics have sent a letter out to retailers encouraging pre-orders of June 13's The Magic Order #1, with the added incentive that there will be no additional printings of the debut issue should it sell out. This letter comes just days before retailer's May 21 deadline to place their orders for the book.

“FOC for #1 is this coming Monday and we hope you're suitably prepared. We want to get back to that crazy, exciting time where a first printing really meant something too and create a real collectibility here with no second printings," said Millar. "We love the idea of making this genuinely sought after. So after inventory on the first and only print run is depleted, there will be no additional printings. That said, we’re very, very sure this is going to sell out, especially after you see the book and once you see the multimedia promotion that’s coming over the next three weeks.”

Retailers can sometimes order additional copies of a book after their initial orders in whats called an "overprint" - additional copies in its first run the publisher has printed over initial retailer orders to account for damages and to have limited additional copies to meet reorder demand. Publishers usually don't disclose what percentage over retailer orders they set print runs at.