Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday's Headlines - DC Comics' Hellblazer is ending

DC Comics' Hellblazer is ending, according to series writer Tim Seeley. "Yeah, I was hired to bring it to an end," Seeley tweeted in response to a fan question. Seeley was 'hired' onto Hellblazer one year ago this month, taking over the book with Hellblazer #13.

Hellblazer's apparent final solicited issue is June's #24, and Amazon lists a collection for the current arc ends with #24. Hellblazer was not listed in August 2018's DC Solicitations.

written by TIM SEELEY
cover by TIM SEELEY
variant cover by SEAN PHILLIPS
What would you sacrifice to save someone from damnation? The final chapter of "The Good Old Days" puts what may be the final nail in John Constantine's coffin: preparing to say goodbye to this mortal coil, John's oddly introspective, brooding over an ex-lover who's possessed by demons. Since she can't be exorcised, she's bound for Hell-unless John makes the ultimate sacrifice and takes her place. Pack light, John-we hear it's warm where you're going.
ON SALE 07.25.18
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES