Thursday, June 7, 2018

Top 3 Comicx 2 Read

What something different to read?  Well, checkout these anime comics!

Blue Exorcist GN Vol 19 $9.99 Viz
Mephisto Pheles has freed his brother Amaimon from imprisonment and set him loose on True Cross Academy to serve his own agenda. While the Exwires deal with Amaimon's surprise reappearance, Lewin Light, a.k.a. 'Lightning,' continues to investigate the mysterious Section 13 and its connection to the Blue Night event that seems to be the source of all the current troubles. Together they delve deep beneath True Cross Academy, shedding light on long-lost chambers shrouded in darkness and the terrible secrets that were buried there for a reason... For older teen audiences.

DNA Doesn't Tell Us GN Vol 02 $12.99 Seven Seas
These adorable animals may walk like us and talk like us, but can they learn to live like us? Across the planet, animals are turning into humans! Well, mostly human anyway. These animal-featured new individuals must learn how to live in their new bodies and among one other. It's for this reason some are sent to Animalium - an all-girls school specifically for this new species - and it's there these girls will learn all they need to know about themselves and each other!

Young Masters Revenge GN Vol 02 $9.99 Viz
Leo has been trying to get the down-to-earth Tenma to fall in love with him, but she remains immune to his advances. When they transfer from the ritzy Genbu Academy to Suzaku Public High School, Prince Barazono issues a challenge that forces Leo to confront his true feelings! For teen audiences.