Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Comic Book Fast Look for 08/01/2018 (2 Weeks Out)

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

Holy Batman! After SDCC2018, we still have some pretty awesome new comics coming out soon and the summer just bring us more amazing titles. We're taking a quick look at what's coming soon to stores. This is Comic Book Fast Look for 08/01/2018 (2 Weeks Out)

Adventures of the Super Sons #1 (of 12) $3.99 DC Comics
The Super Sons are back in an all-new 12-issue miniseries written by Peter J. Tomasi! Check out the lost and secret adventures of Damian Wayne (Robin) and Jon Kent (Superboy) in this flashback miniseries that takes a deep dive into the bombastic bromance between the sons of the DC Universe's greatest heroes. It's an epic dual storyline that transcends current events, as Superboy and Robin find themselves targets of an interstellar team of young badasses called the Gang.

Batman #52 $3.99 DC Comics
'Cold Days' continues! The jury in the Mr. Freeze trial is hopelessly deadlocked because one man won't vote guilty-and that man is Bruce Wayne. Freeze's defense is that Batman used excessive force, making his arrest illegal, and Bruce is the one man who actually knows for sure what went down between Batman and his ice-cold nemesis.

Infinity Wars #1 (of 6) $5.99 Marvel Comics
As the Infinity Stones come to Earth, so too comes the war for control over them. But none who wield the stones know the truth about the power they contain...or what it would take to bring them to their END. The nature of the universe itself hangs in the balance as we learn the answer to the question on everyone's lips since 'Infinity Wars Prime': WHO IS REQUIEM?

Project Superpowers #1 $3.99 Dynamite Entertainment
The Project Superpowers heroes came from the past, now they have to prove their relevance in the modern world. A 21st Century threat is coming for us all. What dread secrets does The Death Defying Devil hold? The Lighthouse will rise and the Spirit of The American Flag will take on a new host. But will it be enough? Can superheroes still save the day?

Go Go Power Rangers #12 $3.99 Boom! Studios
The Rangers team up with an unlikely ally to battle Rita's new monster as the Ranger Slayer inches ever further towards her goal...