Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Comic Book Pass Look for 06/27/2018

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

Did you miss an issue last week?  Well, we're taking one last look at what came out last week. This is Comic Book Pass Look for 06/27/2018.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special #1 $7.99 Boom! Studios
To celebrate 25 years of Saban's Power Rangers, superstar creators Joe Quinones (America), Sina Grace (Ice Man), Marcus To (Red Robin), and more pay homage to the world-wide phenomenon with original standalone stories set throughout the Power Rangers universe.

Teen Titans Special #1 $4.99 DC Comics
Robin, Kid Flash and Red Arrow are sick of the super-hero status quo, and if the adults won't do anything about it, you'd better believe these teenagers will! Following the shocking events of NO JUSTICE, don't miss this special oversized issue that sets the stage for a fearless new direction that will change the Teen Titans forever!

Charlies Angels #1 $3.99 Dynamite Entertainment
The Angels are back, baby! -The original Angels, Jill, Kelly and Sabrina! Travel back to the swingin' 70s, and revisit the butt-kicking, crime-fighting, mold-breaking lady detectives who took 70s TV by storm, ready to do the same to comics 40 years later! Break out your bell-bottoms, feather your hair, and jump back to a era of peanut-farmer presidents, gargantuan gas-guzzlers and foxy female detectives... for a globe-trotting adventure that's simply too big and epic for the 70s-era boob tube.

Bloodstrike #23 $3.99 Image Comics
'BRUTALISTS,' Part Two-Bureaucratic overlords with morbid agendas need love, too. What lengths will they go to? A string of gruesome murders, a deadly disease, and a dark conspiracy; for Bloodstrike, that's a Tuesday.