Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday's Headlines - Aspen Comics Message!

Hey Aspen fans!

The Michael Turner Legacy Panel is TODAY at 1pm in room 9! Join us for this very special panel, as we commemorate the life and legacy of our late co-founder and friend, Michael Turner. We will be handing out Michael Turner Legacy buttons to ALL fans who attend the panel!

Artist signings start today at the Aspen Comics booth! (Booth# 2320) Check our “Thursday Schedule” in the VERY first section of this newsletter to see what ALL of our events are that we have planned for today! Attending SDCC tomorrow instead? Check the “FRIDAY Highlights” section at the bottom of this newsletter to find out what to expect TOMORROW from Aspen Comics!

We will have a select amount of ALL of our SDCC 2018 exclusives available online on, grab yours before they run out!

Have a great SDCC!

Chris Rupp

Aspen Comics