Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday's Headlines - Top 25 July 1995 Comic Book Sales

With July-shipping comics, Marvel's exclusive through Heroes World Distribution and Diamond's brokerage agreement with DC began. Capital City accounts could still order DC comics for two more months thanks to a legal settlement, but everyone else had to order from both Diamond and Heroes World to get Marvel and DC books.

Diamond cautioned in this month that its market shares might not mean much, given the influx of many retailers who were just there to order DC books. It attempted to address that problem in the August charts.

Capital didn't have Marvels either — but for a time, it polled its accounts to see what quantities of Marvels they were selling. Thus, Capital's sales chart this month reflected its actual sales of DC and other publishers — and estimates of where Marvels would rank. Capital's reports put Marvel's X-Men #44 in first place, projecting Spawn in fifth.