Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown 07/18/2018

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome as Northwest Comics & Games Presents the Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown. As we do each and every week. We're suggesting the following comic books for your collection.  We're on the even of SDCC2018 and this week's books are looking good.

Please remember to contact your local comic book to see if they carry any titles you see below and please join us on Twitter and Facebook.  Like to hear feedback on our countdowns! Have a great day and keep on reading comics!

On with the countdown...…...

10. Star Wars #51 $3.99 Marvel Comics
The MILLENNIUM FALCON - alone - versus an entire IMPERIAL FLEET. Can LEIA discover the cause of this disaster? And even if she can, is it too late?
9. Robotech #11 $3.99 Titan Comics
Secrets and lies kick of the third arc of Robotech! Written by legendary Transformers writer Simon Furman! Breetai is under pressure and Claudia has to deal with a possible traitor... Meanwhile, Rick Hunter gets a massive shock!

8. Ninja-K #9 $3.99 Valiant Entertainment
The super team vs. super team smackdown you've been waiting for! It all comes down to this! Ninjak - plus his black-ops backup squad of Livewire, Punk Mambo, Dr. Mirage, and GIN-GR - have been sent into Mexico City to destroy an indestructible target! But their quarry - The Jonin, the Ninja Programme's seemingly ageless former sensei - has assembled his own strike force of improbable powers to meet them head on!

7. Kick-Ass #6 $3.99 Image Comics
KICK-ASS IS BACK. It's the violent climax of JOHN ROMITA JR and MARK MILLAR's first Patience arc, and our hero's taking no prisoners. Patience is facing off with the ganglords in a final, bloody showdown-fighting for the survival of her family, and of her neighborhood.
6. Zombie Tramp #50 $4.99 Danger Zone Comics
It's the 4 year anniversary celebration, and the Death of Zombie Tramp event is in full swing with a battle royale featuring Black Betty, Dollface, Vampblade, and more! This epic extra-length 50th issue spectacular changes everything!

5. Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #307 $3.99 Marvel Comics
The Vedomi invaded Earth back in #300, leading Spider-Man on a journey through the past and future to try and defeat them. Did it work? FIND OUT HERE in the stunning conclusion to the first year of Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert's run on PP:SSM!

4. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 $3.99 Boom! Studios
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and their allies prepare their final counterattack against Drakkon, as a new ally makes it through their world and Zordon makes a last-ditch call for help.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Twelve - The Reckoning #2 $3.99 Dark Horse Comics
With his ownership of Slayer memories, Harth has come from the future to destroy Buffy and all the Slayers, stealing their power for his own. At his side are demons and evil-kind, a massive army that Buffy and the Scoobies weren't expecting. To even the playing field, the gang travels to the future to recruit Fray and learn of their dismal fate--should they fail in this battle against Harth . . .

2. Aspen Splash 2018 $3.99 Aspen Comics
Aspen's popular swimsuit issue has returned for a 15-Year Anniversary Special! Join Aspen Comics' top talent as they have fun in the sun and offer a playful look at our most popular characters! Industry talents and Aspen veterans such as Siya Oum, Jordan Gunderson, Alex Konat, Talent Caldwell, Marco Renna and more grace the pages of this gorgeous pinup book! Don't miss the return of the HOTTEST book of the summer!

1. Batman #51 $3.99 DC Comics
It's the wedding you never thought you'd see! The Batrimony is real as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are set to tie the knot in a can't-miss, extra-length milestone issue that will reshape Gotham City. All their friends (and a few enemies?) will be party to a comic book coupling for the ages. Superstar scribe Tom King officiates the sure-to-be-offbeat nuptials, joined by an all-star lineup of guest classic Bat-artists doffing their hats to the lucky couple in a series of pre-wedding flashback scenes sure to set the romantic mood.