Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday's Headlines - Disney Streaming Service to Debut in Late 2019

Disney CEO Bog Iger revealed new details about the company's upcoming streaming service Tuesday in a presentation to investors during its quarterly earnings report.

According to Variety, Iger said he expects the service to launch in late 2019, and that it will include next spring's Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson and the still-mysterious/untitled Avengers 4.

The CEO reportedly told investors that despite high profile offerings, the service will take time to build up a library of content.

“We want to walk before we run when it comes to volume of content,” he said.

Iger later explained the service may launch as a lower cost option to Netflix reflecting the initial available content.

Iger noted Disney's library of Star Wars films released before 2019 won't be available, due to pre-existing distribution deals (although Disney is reportedly working on that ), but films released in 2019 and later will be.

And there will also be Jon Favreau's "roughly" $100 million live-action, 10-episode Star Wars series from Jon Favreau.

The Disney CEO went on to express excitement about acquiring the Marvel Comics properties that will come along with Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox's film assets, including the X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four.