Monday, November 26, 2018

Monday's Headlines - Weekend Box Office

Well, Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet one-upped the competition with a strong Thanksgiving weekend debut.

The Wreck-It Ralph sequel took in a total of $84.5 million over the five-day weekend, enough to make it the second-best Thanksgiving debut of all time. It came in behind Frozen's $93 million but ahead of Moana's $82 million, per Box Office Mojo. This performance beat expectations, as early projections had the animated film making closer to $70 million for the weekend. Ralph's Friday-to-Sunday total was $55 million, ahead of the original Wreck-it Ralph's $49 million opening.

Creed II also had a spectacular debut with a five-day haul of $55.8 million. The Rocky spinoff beat its predecessor's Thanksgiving weekend gross by $13 million, making it the best Thanksgiving weekend opening for a non-Disney film. Thanks to both Ralph and Creed II, this was the biggest Thanksgiving weekend at the box office ever, and the first time the weekend's total gross across all films crossed $300 million, per Entertainment Weekly.

But the record-breaking haul was no thanks to Lionsgate's Robin Hood, which took in just $14.2 million over the five-day stretch. The film reportedly had a budget of nearly $100 million, making this one of the biggest bombs of the year.