Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday's Headlines | DC News

Artists Rick Leonardi and Wade Von Grawbadger are taking over DC's Batman Beyond title. Leonardi and Von Grawbadger will be joining series writer Dan Jurgens with April's #31, with Chris Samnee on-board for covers. Leonardi and Grawbadger are scheduled to draw #31 through #36.

This pairing is somewhat poignant, as Leonardi is well-known for co-creating Marvel's similar future-based Spider-Man 2099 and having a long run on the title. Although Leonardi has worked on
DC's Batman on several occasions, this new assignment would be his first time with Batman Beyond.
Warner Bros. Animation's Batman Beyond debuted on this day 20 years ago on the WB Television Network. After the end of the animated series in 2001, DC Comics has published several Batman Beyond series.