Sunday, January 20, 2019

Weekend Headlines | Decemeber 2018 Comic Book Sales

In one of the more dichotomous months in Direct Market comic book sales history, DC Comics dominated the top of the sales charts, but Marvel Comics easily topped December 2018's market share in large part due to publishing nearly 40% more comic books than their rival.

According to figures released by Diamond Comic Distributors Friday morning, Scott Snyder and Jock’s The Batman Who Laughs #1 was the best-selling comic book of December 2018. DC shipped seven of the Top 10 titles for the month, including the first five. All of them star or feature Batman prominently.

Marvel's best-selling title was Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, and Cliff Rathburn's Amazing Spider-Man #11 at #6, one of the three Marvel titles that made up the rest of the Top 10.

Marvel was the top publisher in December, with a 38.57% dollar share and 44.09% unit share. Despite their dominance in the comic book Top 10, DC was a fairly distant second, with a 31.51% dollar share and a 30.75% unit share. In third was Image Comics at 8.73% in dollars and 9.06% in units.

The discrepancy between Marvel and DC's respective 'wins' for the month seems mainly due to the fact Marvel shipped 90 comic books to stores in December, compared to DC's 52.

The final year-end 2018 sales were previously reported, so sales comparisons are somewhat anticlimactic, but comic book dollar sales were up 9.29% versus December 2017, and graphic novel sales were down 26.35%, for a total of a 2.26% deficit versus last year.  Again, that puts year-end 2018 total sales down just 1.08% in dollars versus 2017 and down 5.98% in units.