Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Comic Book Fast Look for 02/27/2019 (2 Weeks Out)

Welcome Comic Book Fans,

Northwest Comics & Games Presents Comic Book Fast Look for 02/27/2019 (2 Weeks Out) as we take a look at what's coming soon to comic book store near you.

Detective Comics #999 $3.99 DC Comics (Hot Title)
The truth behind the gauntlet Batman has been forced to run-a violent odyssey that endangered the lives of everyone who made him who he is-is revealed at last...and the mastermind working to unmake the Batman must be seen to be believed! Is there a goal here beyond destruction? Will Batman emerge stronger...or with a mortal wound at the exact moment that his most dangerous challenge yet is on the horizon in next month's DETECTIVE COMICS #1000?
Spawn #294 $2.99 Image Comics
Countdown to 300 begins.... THE CLOWN TRANSFORMS... into the all-new Clown/Violator! 

X-Force #3 $3.99 Marvel Comics
Ahab has returned to exterminate X-Force! What twisted schemes is Ahab conducting that has attracted the attention of X-Force? The team has begun to put the pieces together, but will they figure it out in time to stop mass genocide?

Aliens: Resistance #2 $3.99 Dark Horse Comics
Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks make their way to the Weyland-Yutani black site, with the intent to disrupt a xenomorph-based weapons test. Only once they've arrived do they realize what is truly at stake, and that they must do whatever it takes to ensure this new technology is never deployed.

Nobody Is in Control #1 (of 4) $3.99 Black Mask Comics
When Richard sees a man run through his yard, he follows him out of concern. This deep in the woods, he must be lost... must be in trouble. Bust soon it's Richard in peril, as this stranger drags him into a deep, twisted web of conspiracy going back hundreds of years.