Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Comic Book Preview | Transformers #5 & #6

Transformers #5
Cover A: Andrew Griffith
Brian Ruckley (w) - Angel Hernandez & Cachet Whitman (a) - Andrew Griffith (c)
The investigation into the mystery of Cybertron’s first murder continues! Windblade closes in on answers, Rubble finds a job that suits him, and Bumblebee… well, Bumblebee has a secret that could lead to chaos.
FC - 32 pages - $3.99

Transformers #6
Cover A: Jack Lawrence
Brian Ruckley (w) - Bethany McGuire-Smith (a) - Bethany McGuire-Smith (c)
Optimus takes the spotlight! Even a bot as wise as a leader of the Autobots needs guidance now and again, so Optimus turns to Codexa—a Cybertronian who has grown into the very planet itself. Will she help Optimus settle his problems with Megatron or will she lead them both to ruin?
FC - 32 pages - $3.99