Thursday, February 21, 2019

Comics, Comics, Comics

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

Did you miss something from yesterday new comic book day?  Well, here are some comic you like to pick up today!

Teen Titans #27 $3.99 DC Comics
Every Teen Titan has a secret-and they all come spilling out here! As Djinn helps Robin recover from his injuries after a brutal showdown with Red Hood, she tells him all about her dark past, revealing some unsettling truths about herself. Meanwhile, Red Arrow helps Crush find a new sense of purpose, and Roundhouse reveals the tragic story of how he got his powers!

Bitter Root #4 $3.99 Image Comics
The Sangerye family has fought evil for decades, but they've never faced anything like this. And while two family members have returned home, one may be lost forever as Hell comes to Harlem. BITTER ROOT Cover As by SANFORD GREENE will be connecting through the first story arc.

Outpost Zero #7 $3.99 Image Comics
Before he died, Steven told Sam and Alea to 'follow it down.' But he didn't tell them what they would find at the bottom of the Outpost...

Terminator: Sector War #3 $3.99 Dark Horse Comics
The price for protection from the T-800 is to betray the uniform and destroy key evidence in a case against local crime boss Papa Oso. Were it just her, Officer Lucy Castro would never give in, but shes fighting for two now, and is determined to make it through to dawn.