Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Comic Book Pass Look for 03/06/2019

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

Welcome as Northwest Comics & Games Presents Comic Book Pass Look for 03/06/2019 as take one last look at comics that came out last week.

Adventures of the Super Sons #8 (of 12) $3.99 DC Comics
Incarcerated on the prison planet of Takron-Galtos, Superboy and Robin face off against their fellow inmate Rex Luthor and the newest members of the Gang! But Robin has a plan, and it involves a piece of glittering jewelry called a Green Lantern ring! Be here for the start of 'No Evil Shall Escape Their Sight'! 

Unnatural #8 (of 12) $3.99 Image Comics
END OF STORY ARC! As we move toward the shocking final arc of MIRKA ANDOLFO's bestselling series, we explore the roots of UNNATURAL's mythology. What's the secret nesting in Leslie's blood? And will she be strong enough to face the savage curse running in her own veins? A word of advice: stay away from spoilers as this issue's final page will likely blow your mind!

Fartnite #1 $3.99 Keenspot Entertianment
Prepare to enter the brown-eye of the s#!%storm! The kid-tested, Drake-approved cultural phenomenon of the century gets the Keenspot parody treatment in this explosive first issue of Fartnite! Experience the flatulent adventures of a motley crew of unknown soldiers forced into a Battle Royale where all the weaponry is powered by their own super-charged farts. Whether you're currently a grade-schooler or just a grade-schooler at heart, Fartnite is gonna be a gas!

Uncanny X-Men #13 $3.99 Marvel Comics
Cyclops and Wolverine have drawn together a new team of X-Men from the ashes of 'X-Men Disassembled,' and now they turn their eyes to setting their agenda. Cyclops has a list...a list of things the X-Men have to take care of...if it's the last thing they ever do.

Morning in America #1 $3.99 ONI Press
The year is 1983. A series of disappearances afflicts Tucker, Ohio following the opening of a mysterious new factory. But when the town finds itself under siege from strange monsters, it's up to intrepid girl gang of no-account teen delinquents to try and figure out what's happening-and save everyone's lives before it's too late.