Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday's Headlines | Update Disney/Fox Deal

Disney Chairman Bob Iger says Disney is ready to "hit the ground running" with 21st Century Fox assets once their buyout is complete - which he says will be finished "soon."

“Our new corporate structure is designed to integrate these assets and maximize long-term value,” Iger said on an shareholder call (via Variety). “We spent most of (last) year on integration planning so we’ll hit the ground running as soon as the deal closes."

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has previously reiterated that Marvel's planning for the Fox-controlled X-Men and Fantastic Four film rights won't commence until after the buyout is complete, so it's unclear which aspects of Disney's larger entertainment apparatus have begun working on what's coming after the purchase.

What's more, Iger confirmed that the Fox name will still be in use once the buyout is complete.

“There will be businesses within the company that still have the Fox name on them, particularly on the movie side,” Iger said. “We will continue to make the movies under the Fox brand and Fox Searchlight brand. FX will keep its name too.”