Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday's Headlines | Deadpool News

Anyone expecting the family-oriented Disney to hide Fox's decidedly R-Rated Deadpool under the rug got a mild surprise yesterday morning.

Following their 12:02am ET official takeover of the 21 Century Fox film assets, Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool is among the new characters Disney now features in a new banner on their website, along with Bart Simpson, characters from James Cameron's Avatar and more, alongside established Disney characters like Elsa from Frozen and Captain Marvel.

Of all the Marvel characters Disney acquired from Fox including the Fantastic Four and the entire X-Men library, Deadpool is the only one featured, suggesting the Merc' with the Potty Mouth indeed has a future at the House of Mouse. Executives from Disney have previously suggested Deadpool could live on as a R-rated franchise at the 20th Century Fox shingle, which Disney appears to be retaining.

It will be interesting to see how soon Disney/Marvel Studios/Fox turns around another Reynolds-Deadpool feature, given how ripe the franchise is to satire the acquisition and the potential vastly expanded sandbox Reynolds/Wade Wilson now has to play in.