Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday's Headlines | Avengers: Endgame News

Disney reports this morning that Avengers: Endgame added $33.1 million domestically on Tuesday and $105.3 million overseas, bringing their respective cumes to $427.1 million and $1.054 billion. Globally, the Marvel epic now stands at $1.481 billion through seven days of release.

Worldwide, this pushes the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe box office total past $20 billion at the box office. Endgame now stands as the 8th highest grossing film of all time — surpassing Black Panther ($1.347 billion) and Age of Ultron ($1.405 billion).

Overseas, the pic passed Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($961 million), Fate of the Furious ($1.01 billion), and Jurassic World ($1.019 billion) to rank 6th all time.

Domestically, Endgame now ranks 20th all time, having surpassed films like Frozen ($400.7 million), Spider-Man ($403.7 million), Captain America: Civil War ($408.1 million), Iron Man 3 ($409 million), Wonder Woman ($412.6 million), Captain Marvel ($414.5 million through Monday), Toy Story 3 ($415 million), Fallen Kingdom ($417.7 million), Pirates: Dead Man’s Chest ($423.3 million), and Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($424.7 million) in just five days.

In China, early Wednesday estimates stand at $74 million — not included in any figures above or below. That would take the country’s total gross for the film to $463 million, making it the highest grossing foreign film in history in China (topping Fate of the Furious).