Sunday, June 16, 2019

Weekend Headlines | DC's DOLLAR COMICS Returns After 30+ Years (YES)

If your a comic book fan or just starting to get into comics. The this story is for you

DC's Dollar Comics format is returning after 36 years - at the same price, but with a smaller page count. Beginning on September 4, the publisher will be reprinting special issues from its history as a $1 reprint - similiar to Image Comics' Image Firsts and Marvel Comics' True Believer reprints.

The line will begin with Detective Comics #854 (September 4), Batman #608 (September 11), Harley Quinn #1 (September 18), and Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (September 25).

The Dollar Comics line was originally instituted in 1977 as deluxe 64-page anthology titles with new material (but no ads) such as Adventure Comics, Batman Faimly, World's Finest Comics and the DC Special Series.

At the time, comics averaged 35¢ in price, so these $1 quadruple-sized comic books were intended by then-DC publisher Jenette Kahn for their comic books to catch up in price to other newstand periodicals such as Time and Life. The line ran off and on before ending in 1983.