Sunday, July 7, 2019

Weekend Headlines | Few Updates

Greetings Comic Boo Fans,

Sorry, I've updated the website the last few days. Kinda been busy with family and working on other projects. I have a lot of news to share with everyone.

Let's start with our Ebay page. Yes, we're selling comics once again. After a long break it's nice to start moving comics to new homes. I'm working a awesome deals and most deals will include free shipping. However, if your looking for a certain comic books please email you never know what we might have in stock or we'll our best to find the comic your searching for.

Podcast returns! Most people don't know that my kids show miniature horses and helping the family takes away from my weekend to record my podcast Talkin Comics. Well, this week, I should be able to finally catch up and start posting new episodes soon. There is so much to talk about but yes my podcast is coming back!

Funding for a store! Nothing beats having a comic book with some pretty awesome stuff. However, I'm paying off old over due bills and trying to secure a loan to start getting the wheels turning. Yet, it dues take time. I have the business plan, we have a location but the location still has to be built. Then we have fees etc. That's why I'm selling comics on Ebay again to starting getting our name out there!

Also in news headlines... I talk to my friend Taylor about the Portland Indie-con show last week in Portland and the word is the show was a smashing hit! That's what I'm talking about Portland-Metro! The success of this show was huge and that there will be a show next year for sure. Awesome job to everyone out there! Don't forget Rose City Comic-con this September.

I'm also looking into some new stories to post and talk about. If you have something interesting please email and I'll looking into it. If you have a event coming up, let me help promote it and finally, a huge thank you to everyone who visits our comic book site! From our main website to Facebook and Twitter!  Thank you so much! I love this business and I love comics! Thank you for allowing us to share in the stories and countdowns we do!  Thank you once again and keep on reading comics!