Tuesday, September 17, 2019

What Did We Miss?

Hey Comic Book Fans,

Sometimes we miss stuff that's very awesome and second look is always the best.  Like these books!

Street Fighter Akuma vs Hell #1 $3.99 UDON Entertainment
After his encounter with the demonic Darkstalkers, Akuma chose to remain in the hellish Makai dimension to take his training to terrifying new levels. Alone in a demonic landscape, Akuma battles unearthly creatures, giant monstrosities, and an undead ghost from his past!
Doctor Who 13th #12 $3.99 Titan Comics
As the true stakes of their conflict are revealed, the Doctor joins forces with the Corsair! The first year of the official Doctor Who comic comes to a grand climax - Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Stranger Things, Star Wars, Faith, Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows) delivers fast-paced, fun new sci-fi stories, perfect for fans and newcomers alike!

Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka GN Vol 07 $12.99 Seven Seas Entertainment
When the Earth was threatened by the sudden appearance of undead creatures, a group of young women blessed with powers from a mysterious source rose to defeat them. Now, after three years of apparent peace, the same malevolent creatures have resurfaced. Five magical girls are once again conscripted to war as the Magical Girl Special Ops force, to defend mankind from an unholy nemesis!