Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday's Headlines | Rob Liefeld News

Well, in comic book news writer/artist Rob Liefeld has publicly announced that he is no longer doing work with Marvel for the time being.

"So, this will be my last original cover for Marvel for the foreseeable future. After doing 100 covers the last few years, I’m taking a pause," Liefeld tweeted. "I’m also not continuing any interiors as I’ve put those on hold as well. G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes and creator owned are on the desk!"

This would mean Liefeld has suspended work on Deadpool: Badder Blood, his announced sequel to Deadpool: Bad Blood, which in February 2019 he called "my definitive and last word on Deadpool." Two months later, Liefeld told he had plans for two additional volumes of Major X as well.

Back on October 8, Liefeld tweeted (and later deleted) that "some shady practices over at Marvel" had led him to have a "good long talk with my attorney." Liefeld then said, "Good times to come Bob Iger," referring to the Walt Disney Company Chairman/CEO.

This is the third time in recent memory Liefeld has announced he was exiting projects. In January, Liefeld publicly said he had nixed his deal with Netflix for projects based on characters in his Extreme line of titles. In August, Liefeld canceled plans for more Youngblood projects from him, citing disagreements with the franchise's co-owners.

Liefeld's G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes title is scheduled to be released in early 2020 from IDW Publishing.