Sunday, October 20, 2019

Transformers Action Figures

We all love the 80's and one of the most pop culture icon is the legendary cartoon Transformers. Yup, sitting in front of the TV as a youth and waiting for 3pm. Who cares what channel. It's 3pm and damnit you know the next 30 minutes was going to be awesome. 

Optimus prime was one of the big points of the TV show in the movie in 1986. His status continues to be huge part of our culture today in 2019. As a kid, I had the Optimus Prime toy action figure and wished I would've kept it. 

Today, the business for Transformers is freak off the shelves. I see amazing toys on Instagram and Twitter and I say to myself, how do I get one? The opening picture of Prime (above) how the different versions of Prime is just awesome. Man, I should've started collecting these action figures years ago, lol. There is one Prime figure with a huge axe, am looking for. I posted the photo on Twitter and I want to find it. 

It's pretty damn cool how a simple cartoon from the 80's is still hot today business for collectors.