Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Comic Book Pass Look for 11/06/2019

Welcome Comic Book Fans,

Northwest Comics & Games Presents Comic Book Pass Look for 11/06/2019 we're taking one last look at what came out last week.  Thanks for reading! Don't forget we have a brand new countdown tomorrow!

Spawn #302 $2.99 Image Comics
NEW STORY ARC 'THE HELL HUNT,' Part One In the aftermath of the record-setting SPAWN #300 and #301, new heroes-The Reaper and Jessica Priest: She-Spawn-join Spawn's war against the forces of Heaven and Hell. The next evolution in the mythology and power of the Hellspawn begins NOW. PLUS: The return of MEDIEVAL SPAWN! THE HUNT IS ON.

Amazing Spider-Man #33 2099 $3.99 Marvel Comics
THE FUTURE IS IN PERIL! Miguel O'Hara's mysterious return to the present threatens his life and his entire future. But why? As for OUR time's Spider-Man, he's got his hands full with classic villains, family problems and international incidents that intertwine in terrifying ways! 

Batman #82 $3.99 DC Comics
'City of Bane' part eight! Batman and his allies wage war on the City of Bane, but an unexpected turn of events will send everyone reeling. Will there be another death in the family, or can the Dark Knight break Bane's iron grip over Gotham City?