Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday's Headines | UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1 is Image's Second-Biggest Selling Launch in a Decade!

Image Comics and its primary distributor, Diamond Comics Distributor, have sold out of this week's Undiscovered Country #1. With a reported print run of "over 85,000 copies," this would be Image's second-highest launch in ten years - second only to 2013's Jupiter's Legacy, which had a 125,000 first printing.

This would be the second big Image Comics launch for co-writer Scott Snyder - 2014's Wytches #1 sold out of its first printing of 84,992 copies, going back for a second printing quickly after release.

"I’m just floored. You never know how things will go when you do a book like this, because you’re building everything with your teammates from scratch, the characters, the world," said Snyder in a statement. "All you can do is hope readers sense your passion for it and give it a chance. To see this kind of support for Undiscovered Country is overwhelming and, above all, inspiring. The best part is we’re just getting started! The series gets bigger and better as we go, promise. Can’t wait to take this journey with you all. Best fans."

Image expects the second printing of Undiscovered Country #1 to be in stores by December 4.