Thursday, November 21, 2019

Throwback In Comics | Top 300 November 1993 Comic Book Sales

Publishers were still posting some big numbers in November 1993, but the Direct Market had actually peaked back in April, and this month was up against a comparative month in 1992 that had the "Death of Superman" event.

The excesses of the early 1990s boom were fully in evidence by November. Late shipping was a huge problem for Image, Continuity, and other publishers. New publishers continued to proliferate, with Marvel and DC combining for barely 51% of the dollar market — and that was with Marvel placing 117 titles in the Top 300. Majestic had been heavily advertised in the comics press as the next hot collectible-title publisher; its Legacy #1 placed 160th, one of only five issues in the entire line to release. Triumphant boasted the most brazenly speculator-driven tactics of all: every issue it published (like Riot Gear #3, at right) was stamped with a number, in the expectation that fans would try to get the lower-numbered issues. It had seven titles in the top 300.

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