Thursday, November 21, 2019

Throwback In Comics | Top 300 November 1995 Comic Book Sales

More exclusives took effect this month: Dark Horse and new publisher Broadway joined DC as only distributing through Diamond Comic Distributors. Meanwhile, a small publisher, Coppervale went exclusive with Capital City. Marvel, of course, was already gone to Heroes World.

Dark Horse's exclusivity through Diamond appears to have boosted its titles there relative to others, as Heir to the Empire fell only slightly from its first issue and Rogue Squadron leapt from 36th to 21st. Dark Horse's unit sales jumped by about a fifth, suggesting that's how many of its customers were still ordering from others besides Diamond.

Once again for its market shares, Diamond looked at only "full-line" retailers -- those stores that were ordering from DC, Dark Horse, Image, and at least one other publisher.

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