Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Top 3 TPB Comic Books

Greetings Comic Book Fans!

Need some awesome Trade Paperbacks to read? Well, how about these amazing choices to enjoy!
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3. My Little Pony TPB Star Pupil GN $7.99 IDW Publishing
Advance solicited for July release! Your favorite episodes adapted into graphic novels! Adapting the most beloved My Little Pony animated cartoon episodes to graphic novels! Revisit the inhabitants of Equestria and learn about the magic that friendship brings in this adaptation of the television series' seventh season premiere! This volume adapts two episodes, 'Celestial Advice' and 'All Bottled Up,' in an original graphic novel.

2. Injustice 2 TPB Vol 06 $16.99 DC Comics
The Red Lanterns, backed by the power of Starro, wage an all-out assault on Oa and the source of the Green Lanterns' power. But help is on the way in the form of the Titans, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold. Following close behind is Lobo, armed with a weapon that may do more harm than good. This final Injustice 2 volume collects issues #31-36 and Annual #2! 

1. Emanon Volume 3: Emanon Wanderer Part Two TPB $14.99 Dark Horse Comics
What happens when the woman who remembers everything . . . forgets who she herself is? In 1973, Ryozo, a young hiker on a mountain trail in far southern Japan, comes across a disoriented girl who doesn't know her own name, carrying on her the small change of a dozen different nations . . . and a bag with the initials ''E.N.'' Haunted by nightmares of primordial seas and forests, she tries to find a new life with Ryozo--and reconnect somehow with her endless past.