Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday's Headlines | Scott Snyder Update

The heavily teased DC 'encore' by writer Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is intended to be the writer's "big final conclusion" to all he's done at DC in the past decade. No, he's not leaving the publisher - but its intended to mark the end of a big chapter for him.

"[Because] folks are asking: this project with Greg will be a bit of a capstone to everything I’ve worked on at DC - threads from the start thru metal and JL- bringing it all to a final conclusion," Snyder tweeted. "It also builds on great DC stories by others, too, past and present, celebrating it all."

When asked if this would be the end of his work at DC, Snyder gave a resounding 'no.'

"No, I just mean that I want to bring all the threads we've laid down over the years to a big final conclusion that serves as a kind of love letter to the DCU as a whole, too," the writer continued. "But I do intend to step back a bit from superheroes afterward to focus more on creator-owned like [American Vampire]."

"[It] doesn't mean I wouldn't do a hero book after this project, but I'd like to shift focus a bit."

Snyder recently launched a new creator-owned series, Undiscovered Country, and has previously outlined his 2020 plans for American Vampire. At Comic-Con International: San Diego, he also revealed he's working on several additional creator-owned projects including one with his "Black Mirror" collaborator, Francesco Francavilla.