Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thursday's Headlines | January 1995 Comic Book Sales

January 1995 began days after the announcement that Marvel had bought Heroes World Distribution, turning the Direct Market upside down — and as the new year began, Marvel completely shuffled the deck for its most popular line with the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline, wherein existing titles were replaced by new miniseries. Amazing X-Men was the title that replaced X-Men Vol. 2 for the four-month event, Astonishing X-Men replaced Uncanny X-Men, Weapon X replaced Wolverine, and so on.

The same top five prevailed at both Capital City Distribution, the second largest distributor, and at Diamond Comic Distributors, whose charts for the month can be found here. Many of Capital's preorders are known, owing to documentary evidence provided to this writer by the company at its closure in 1995; this data informs the calculations below, although the actual figures may somewhat differ.

Capital had preorders of 39,250 copies of Amazing Spider-Man #399, the item, and the title's Statement of Ownership reported average monthly sales comics-shop and newsstand sales of 208,090 copies for the year. That would mean Diamond's sales on that issue were likely in the 75,000-copy range.

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