Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown 01/28/2020

Greetings Comic Book Fans!

Happy New Comic Book Day! Welcome as Northwest Comics & Games Presents Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown. Today, we're suggesting the following comic book titles for you to read and add to your awesome collection. Please be sure to contact your local shop to see if they have any titles below in stock.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

10. Vagrant Queen Planet Called Doom #1 $3.99 Vault Comics
Get ready-Vagrant Queen is BACK! Elida Al-feyr has finally managed to build a happy life... until a mysterious man in an ancient white ship shows up and takes it all away. And hey, where the hell is Isaac? 

9. Mall #6 $3.99 Scout Comics
After the stunning revelation last issue, Diego, Lena and Dallas have some major decisions to make before the conference championship football game that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Their uncle Lenny has gone missing and the Tessitorre family are making their final move to take over the kids' stores at Royal Palm Mall. Will they all make it out alive? Find out in the season finale!

8. X-Men #5 $3.99 Marvel Comics
The X-Men, the most powerful heroes on the planet, deal with an old nemesis' surprising return...

7. Protector #1 $3.99 Image Comics
SERIES PREMIERE! From SIMON ROY (Prophet), Sideways Award-winning author DANIEL M. BENSEN (Junction), ARTYOM TRAKHANOV (UNDERTOW), JASON WORDIE (GOD COUNTRY), and HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOU (Red Sonja) comes a sci-fi adventure equal parts Conan the Barbarian, Mad Max, and The Expanse. Of all the tribes that dwell in the hot ruins of far-future North America, the Hudsoni reign supreme, but even they fear and obey the godlike Devas. When the Devas warn of an old-world demon in the conquered city of Shikka-Go, Hudsoni war chief First Knife decides to deal with the threat personally. 

6. Action Comics #1019 $3.99 DC Comics
One of the biggest battles in Superman history tears through Metropolis as the super-villain team-up of Lex Luthor, the Legion of Doom, and Leviathan come to change Superman's city forever! The blockbuster creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson create a Superman epic for the ages-as the Man of Steel deals with the public disclosure of his secret identity! 

5. Star Trek Picard #3 (of 3) $3.99 IDW Publishing
Jean-Luc Picard has traveled to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, defeated impossible foes, and survived in the face of unthinkable odds, but it's the end of this one mission that will change his life forever. The official countdown to CBS All Access's Star Trek: Picard ends here, and things will never be the same... 

4. Go Go Power Rangers #28 Boom! Studios
Before RITA REPULSA was the Power Ranger's enemy she was imprisoned in a dumpster on the moon, serving time for her wide spread reign of  terror. Within the confines of her cell, Rita is forced to confront her sins,by experiencing the lives of those she has affected... 

3. Thor #2 $3.99 Marvel Comics
THE BLACK WINTER AND THE DEVOURER KING! Before him lies the Black Winter; behind, a trail of death wrought by his own hand. The God of Thunder hurtles through the cosmos, searching for the power to save Asgard and all existence. But no power in the heavens can save a god - a king - from his bloody duty. 

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #102 $3.99 IDW Publishing
The Turtles are separated, each trying to find their own way forward. With their absence, Old Hob fills the power vacuum with the help of some very unusual new mutants! 

1. Star Wars #2 $3.99 Marvel Comics
'NO I AM YOUR FATHER.' In the wake of the events following The Empire Strikes Back, it is a dark time for the heroes of the Rebellion. The Rebel fleet scattered following a disastrous defeat at the Battle of Hoth. Han Solo lost to the bounty hunter, Boba Fett, after being frozen in carbonite. And after being lured into a trap on Cloud City and bested in a vicious lightsaber duel against the evil Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker learned the horrible truth about his past. Vader did not kill Luke's father Anakin -- Vader is Luke's father!