Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday's Headlines | JUDD WINICK Returns

Reported yesterday, when Judd Winick decided to return to his first love, cartooning - launching the all-ages Hilo graphic novel series in 2015 - he had no idea how long he’d be able to continue.

After all, Winick had spent more than a decade dabbling in other creative careers, from writing multiple superhero comic books to developing the animated series The Life and Times of Juniper Lee for television.

But with this week’s release of Hilo Book 6: All the Pieces Fit, Winick says he has no intention to stop his work on the New York Times-bestselling series. And as long as kids keep loving Hilo, he’s hoping to continue telling the stories.

The full color Hilo graphic novels, which are published by Random House, focus on an alien boy named Hilo (pronounced “high-low”) who crashed to Earth and made two new human friends, D.J. and Gina.

Over the course of the first five books, the three characters went on various adventures as they learned more about Hilo’s history - and the villainous Razorwark who has been chasing Hilo through the universe.

With Hilo Book 6, Winick is bringing the battle to Earth as Hilo and friends finally collide with Razorwark. But the end of Book 6 doesn’t mean the end of the characters’ adventures, as Winick already has more stories planned for future volumes.