Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday's Headlines | ONI PRESS' Upcoming Titles Returnable 'For Foreseeable Future'

Oni Press has joined the likes of Image Comics and Dynamite Entertainment in changing its returnability policy on titles, making their upcoming books returnable "for the foreseeable future" in reaction to the spreading coronavirus pandemic.
In a letter posted on a private Facebook page for comic book retailers, Oni Publisher James Lucas Jones shared those plans - as well as the consideration of further measures going forward.
Here is the message:
Friends and partners in the comics retail community,
We  are all living in an unprecedented time of stress and uncertainty, and  we recognize that many of you are facing challenges unlike you could  have ever expected. One of the things which makes our industry so  special and so unique is perhaps what also makes times like these so  trying for all of us. The relationship between we, the publishers and  you, the retailers is truly symbiotic, and Oni can only truly thrive  when we are all healthy and happy doing what we love: selling comics.
First  of all, we want to remind you of the partnership with the Book Industry  Charitable Foundation created by David Steward II in the name of our  sister company, Lion Forge. The Forge Fund is a resource that you and  your employees can apply for assistance through right now. We remain  committed to this important safety net for small businesses like yours,  and are constantly looking for ways to further that partnership and the  help it can provide in times of hardship. Please do visit for more information.
Secondly,  beginning with all periodical titles on FOC this past Monday March 16,  we will make these and future Oni periodical titles returnable for the  foreseeable future, and are working closely to best implement a low  impact plan with Diamond now. For titles that have yet to be released,  but are out of the recent ordering window, we remain fully committed to  assisting you with full marketing and sales support in publicity, social  media, and advertising efforts.
We are staying  abreast of developments on a national and global level as to how  individual cities are impacted by shelter in place orders and other  restrictions. With the short term uncertain for many folks around the  world, we are actively looking at shifting release dates on some of the  titles yet to be solicited, but scheduled for the next few months. We  will get through this together, and there are multiple strategies and  scenarios in discussion now.
We recognize that  every situation is different, and no solution is universal, but will do  our best to find ways to shoulder these challenges with you.
In the short term, I want to assure you that every decision we make with  not only the vitality of our company but the overall health of this  business we all love so dearly at the forefront of our mind.
Please  feel free to reach out to me, or any member of my team directly with  questions, clarification, or just a few positive words of support.
James Lucas Jones, Publisher