Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday's Headlines | My Hero Academia Fans Are Heartbroken Character Death (Comics)

Warning! Massive spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 266 below! 

My Hero Academia has kicked off the biggest conflict in the series to date as the heroes have attacked the various bases of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Before this conflict began, fans had suspected that there would be some casualties as a result of all the fighting as there was no way the heroes or villains could walk away unscathed. Unfortunately as of the latest chapter of the series, this was proved to be the case as the villains have suffered a major casualty.

There have been several villains and heroes killed over the course of the series, but this marks a turning point in the Paranormal Liberation Front War. It's not only blood shed of one of the major villains, but it's the blood of a fan favorite character that fans didn't quite expect to see lose their life so soon into the conflict.

With Twice killed at the hands of Hawks in Chapter 266 of the series, fans have been heartbroken more than they expected to be. As Twice was one of the more tragic and lonely members of the League of Villains, who joined the group simply because he didn't fit in anywhere else, seeing him lose his life as the fight gets more intense was a blow to many.