Sunday, March 29, 2020

Weekend Headlines | DC's Weekly Comics to Continue Digitally

DC plans to continue digital distribution of its weekly comic books despite the stoppage of its print comic books' release due to the Diamond Comic Distributor's shutdown, according to the publisher's Director of Marketing Services Adam Phillips. In DC's private Facebook page for Direct Market comics book retailers, Phillips confirmed the decision - and explained their reasoning.

"Here's where we are on digital. All our data shows the digital consumer and the physical consumer are two different audiences. For now, we're going to continue to release digital comics, but will revisit this if the pipeline for physical distribution continues to be challenged and disrupted," Phillips posted.

Prominent comic book retailer Joe Field has previously argued for publishers to pause the release of new comics completely - including digital - until print distribution can resume.

Fellow Californian comic book retailer Ryan Higgins, however would support digital releases if publishers would allow them to sell digital codes to their customers for comiXology - something that had been done in the early years of the Amazon-owned digital comic reader's past.

When asked if DC has had any discussions about allowing retailers to sell digital codes, Phillips said "Not yet, but we'll look into it."

DC also offers digital comics on its DC Universe streaming service, however currently doesn't offer new releases.

DC's planned Wednesday, April 1 releases are....
Strange Adventures #2, Batman #92, Harley Quinn #72, Justice League #44, Justice League Odyssey #22, Lois Lane #10, Daphne Byrne #4, and The Dreaming #20.